Thursday, September 11, 2008

NandiGram :14 March 2007, atrocities of Government and ruling party

The World outside is watching: NANDIGRAM & OTHERS

Very sorry! I don’t expect such situation in Nandigram. Those are involved should be punished. The ruling party and administration are acting like Dhritarastra of great epic Mahabharat fame who was blind enough to see his son’s felonies, ..

.....After the first rounds were fired, eyewitnesses state that as the protestors fled, the assailants chased them down the road. Survivors spoken to report seeing the brutal murders, including the beheading of a child. Our observers, who entered the village as late as 17 March, say that the streets had remnants of human blood on them for two kilometres from the site of the initial confrontation. Locals claim that 100 to 150 people were killed and party cadres were seen placing dead bodies into the back of lorries. The police suggest that 14 people were killed. Official figures differ greatly from what we gathered from the survivors, prompting suspicion amongst our observers that either party could be wildly exaggerating….

the number of rounds found in the area with also a variety of bullet types. Body parts have been unearthed, most notably the charred remains of a body in the Sonachura area. Meanwhile many families report missing relatives; some report seeing their family members falling to the police bullets. An arms cache with 800 live rounds belonging to CPI(M) members was also found in a brick kiln. Whilst the confrontation occurred, party cadres cordoned off the area to prevent press and supporters of the villagers into the area for quite some time before allowing entry. …
incidences of beatings and sexually harassment including that of a 55-year-old woman, who on all accounts was not a threat to 'law and order' or to practically anything or anyone. So traumatised was she that her relatives had to recount her tale for her. "She had fallen down on the spot; bahini (party cadres) people beat her badly, later because they did not prefer raping her, they put a stick in her genitals and mutilated them.".......
This news from one account , there are more vivid description of human killings. I think it is the time the ruling government should take a retirement. In comparison with other states in India we are living in worse condition.