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The meeting of two influential people

The meeting of two influential people

The TIME magazine recently published'The 100 Most Influential People in the World'. In its editorial it says, ..'. Modern influence often comes from the magical ability of technology and social media to overcome time and distance and reorder our perceptions...., indeed. Technology and social media are the the talk of this age.In India, Electronic media play a big role in everydays life.The corners of this globe are well exposed. We see the heart dissection,analysis and intentions of good and bad political leaders. We see agressive countries, corrupted leaders, and indefatigable heroes of better world. Who are really laudable for their contribution to the society or nation .
Time had published the name of Hillary Clinton as a diplomat in the long list of '100 influential people'. It wrote about Hilary,'Tough. Indefatigable. Patient. Smart. Knowledgeable. Superior political instincts. Funny. Loyal team player. Finds opportunities in crises and challenges. Skilled global advocate for American interests and American values. .....Secretary Clinton, 64, has made a singular contribution to strengthening this country's relationships with allies, partners and friends; rallying other countries to join us in dealing with challenges to the global order, from Libya and Iran to the South China Sea; and reaching out to people in scores of countries to demonstrate that America cares about them...Secretary Clinton has been thoughtful and tough-minded about where and how the U.S. should engage its prestige, its resources and its men and women in the field, both civilian and military.' TIME has evaluated her perfectly. Its matter of pride for American.

Politicians or diplomats are for their own country. And some countries who are most powerful want to remain in power thwarting other smaller countries and exploiting its  economy. It also pokes its nose to other countries' internal affairs.
The visit of Hilary clinton in Kolkata is been sensationalised and the city is fortified for Hillary Clinton's visit. Unprecedented security arrangements have been made in Kolkata following the two-day visit of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. I dont know such grandeur or excellent arrangement is shown for every country's premiers, diplomats when they go in USA!

Why Hilary wants to meet Mamata Banerjee! Her extra visit in Kolkata! Is it because 'TIME' has included Mamata Banerjee in its special issue ' 100 influential People' or any other shrewd vision of USA.
'Time'magazine has mentioned Mamata Banerjee, '.....a mercurial oddball and a shrieking street fighter. But ultimately she proved to be the consummate politician. ....as chief minister of her home state, she has emerged as a populist woman of action — strident and divisive but poised to play an even greater role in the world's largest democracy.'
 A mercurial oddball and a shrieking street fighter who also strident and divisive attitudes has her political exposition for last 11 months.  Is it that Hilary wants to witness. Or Hilary’s influence in two political Bengals ( west Bengal and Bangladesh) will create ripples of trade (FDI) and harmony?  I dont know time will say!

Are we living in an animal world?

Are we living in an animal world?

The  role of Indian politician and Police Force is deteriorating  at a rapid pace, mostly in Bengal. We can not  trust government ( administration and  Police), In news, we see often that Police is doing wrong and involved with illegal activities.
A series of incident took place in recent times in west Bengal that is shocking. In most cases it seems Police and administration even our ministers and political leaders do not have proper knowledge of Indian constitution and its laws and order. This leads to an unwanted chaos and put the nation in hue and cry. We common people has no security! Where would we go? This question comes up in every mind. Hope concerned authority has an ear!

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Political trends in West Bengal

1st May 2012

Our mighty Queen is getting naked day by day, 

After the (West Bengal) election 2011,   a sigh of relief was flooded in West Bengal, CPM was defeated. Within a short time of 11 months, people have been forced to take stock of the differences between the two parties. It seems the worst been replaced.

Ms Banerjee came to power in 2011, bringing to an end the state's 34-year communist rule. She was elected for better government. She must provide effective governance;It was an expectation of common people; throughout this short time we have seen a series of wrong action by Mamata and her ministers. It makes us think that the on going state of WestBengal is getting worse to worst. We did not like the following:

1)  Ms Banerjee began her term by storming a Kolkata police  station to free two of her party colleagues who were arrested for rioting, setting a very unhealthy precedent.

2) Stopping subscriptions to most mass-circulated Bengali dailies and English language newspapers in public libraries was in itself an outrageous one and violation  of basic  democratic norms. Intellectuals and commoners continued to pour their anguish over the issue which they see as a blatant attack on democracy and freedom of speech and expression.
The Press Council of India chairman Justice Markandey Katju, talking on the latest cartoon controversy, asked Mamata to take the criticism positively being the state Chief Minister. Addressing a press meet, Katju told, "I think Mamata Banerjee should have behaved in a more mature manner. She is no more a street fighter, she is the Chief Minister...the manner in which she has behaved is totally unacceptable," he said.

3) Arresting Partho Sarathi Ray, a molecular biologist at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), leading scientists and intellectuals  for his alleged role in protests against recent evictions from a slum in the city , was unacceptable.

4) Her comrade   Trinamool leader and legislator Arabul Islam, president of the college governing body, barged into the staff room with some outsiders, abused a professor, Debjani Dey and then threw a jug full of water at the professor, Debjani Dey sustained an injury on chin . 
And ‘— that teachers and professors, with an allegiance to the CPM, will not be allowed to teach in schools and colleges’.TMC leader Shanku Deb Panda, who is the Trinamool Chatra Parishad (TMCP) president, made this announcement at a rally in South 24 Paragana district.
 Bengal Food and Supplies Minister Jyotipriya Mallik dictating to his party workers that their daughters should not be married off into CPM families and they should not mingle with the CPM men, not even over tea.
How a minister creates a (Possible) communal war and fuel to riot !

5) Her 'Partycracy', or dictatorship--- advising citizen what to read and what to watch. Her ministers , party leaders are not the leader of all people in Bengal, so raising index finger and speaking(shouting) with high note/pitch to people is an obscene.Unacceptable.

6) Her comrades who are for extortion, syndicate, muscle power....

7)The  departments under her like Home & Health are the worst performers.
We have seen recent roles of police.
Park Street rape case as "cooked up to malign the government", How a chief minister speaks like that?

Rape horror haunts Mamata's 'decent' Bengal ------CNNIBN
6 rapes in 30 days

 Insecutiry of women ---a series of rape cases-- common people.

'West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is rapidly becoming notorious for her dealings with the  media.--- International Business times.

The Anarchy in education system, politics in school college, Raiganj, Gangarampore , Majdia, Malda College..  beating professors by her comrades,
There are a lot if we list ….
So to me it seems our queen is getting naked day by day leaving us in a bleak future.
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