Saturday, September 13, 2008

political chaos not sincere work culture

When political parties call a strike, they force and close down all commercial and non commercial establishments it’s like a banana peel. The political leaders gauge and enjoy the strength of their party, the opponent party trips over that and common people suffer a lot, many hundred thousand day wage earners then go on starvation.
Its strange fact that WestBengal is losing its charm of work culture and thwarting its own economical growth and progress. The highest justice system, law and order has failed to deter this abominable practice, a number of contempt cases were brought against many political leaders and ministers. But no result. Instead of development and progress of the state it seems the politicians prefer their own party activities and exercising power of their organization. That is why when people of west Bengal are in dire crisis the political parties play the chess of politics. Their indifference push us more in helpless state.

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