Thursday, September 18, 2008

Judges think before 18 years children are non-living Puppet

Before 18 years the law of this land forbids love and sex. Who gave the authority to whom to rule my body? Am I a slave?

1 Sep 2008
SC convicts a boy for sex with 16-yr-old girlfriend. A trial court in Patiala convicted Rakesh Kumar and sentenced him to seven years' imprisonment, despite the girl confessing that she had sex as she was in love with him. The girl being a minor, her consent to sex did not help mitigate the boy's offence. For, law terms sex with a minor, with or without her consent, as rape. the girl's father. accused him of kidnapping and raping his minor daughter and pleaded for leniency, the Supreme Court sentenced Rakesh Kumar three years behind bars. The main ground for leniency, as mentioned in the high court judgment, was the rural background of the boy.
The Punjab and Haryana high court, which said it would be harsh to send the boy behind bars, long after the incident, for seven years just because two youngsters in love had sex. This story shows how the Judiciary in India performs . The subject under discussion, it makes me think our law and order and judiciary system is not mature and strong, physically after twelve a girl is mature to conceive, this signal she gets it from her own body.I may suggest thatour law makers should look into the matter and give our children a natural feeling for life. I think to deter a rapist law should be revised. You must guard and prevent crime but you must not create problem to others in the name / guise of guard.

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