Thursday, September 18, 2008

M F Hussain loves his mother-INDIA naked

Freedom of Expression: Let all people speak freely and without any fear.

The intellectual people are trying to understand freedom of expression
First person : All artists have his freedom of expression.
But Artist ( all creative persons) can not hurt the sentiment of common people.

Second person :Look! on the back ground of the painting Hussein has drawn India’s map, do you think it is our Indian map? Because he is an artist? Never. Its his expression. Right or wrong. We have our Indian map. When we need it we shall never come to hussain’s map. If you find incorrect thing you just ignore it. I see a nude lying figure, a silhouette of a sitting man on the right and on the left a boat. What does it mean?

Third Person :All artist speak mostly about his own life through their own works. They take things from real life and imagination; they completely depend on their own life experience also. India is his motherland also. The way M F Hussein had seen his mother the same way he has portrayed his motherland, perhaps he did not see better or worse than this picture. This painting explains the whole life of hussein : his growing up, knowledge, experience, his race, religion, his home etc. everything. So his people are not protesting what he has done why you are involving with his credit? He loves to portray his mother in nude among multitudes it’s his taste and culture. We may enjoy his crazyness. Its art! Maybe you will find your goddess name there, still, it is his . So, better ignore and don’t look back…

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akhila bhandarkar said...

if people have to ignore mf hussains paintings thinking its insane,then i shud feel evn govt has to ignore it nevr publish it any insane guys paintings...let him paint on the walls of mental hospital and sit who cares..???but wn sumthing is shown 2 public "IT HAS TO BE OF PUBLIC INTEREST"...there is no absolute freedom to act as he wishes...