Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hijab and women

I did not know many things, so when I came to know the following I felt a jolt
Hijab and women in Islam
"A woman is like a private part. When she goes out the devil casts a glance at her"
Al-Hadis, trans. Al-Haj Maulana Fazlul Karim, vol. 2, p. 692, from Mishkat al-Masabih, by Waliuddin Abu Abdullah Mahmud Tabrizi
This women thinks she is 100% vagina.
every square inch of my body is private part, every square inch of it can make you horny. Therefore my entire body is an 'awrat, (lit. pudendum, genital) and I am a sex object from head to toe. People cover their private parts. This woman thinks her entire body is private part.
To them both are embarrassing and should be covered. Thinking with their genitals these ambulant vaginas are fighting for the right to be humiliated, beaten and treated as sex objects.
Source & Courtesy : Faith

Our age-old customary belief !
Do we ask ourselves ‘why?’ when we are chained /feel helpless /meet crisis and become slave of someone or some habit or some traditional custom? In most cases, we don’t.
For, I think, there are more illiterate and ignorant people than literate and socially conscious people. That is why most people, who are illiterate become a victim of social injustice and fall prey for superstitions. They cannot think of better, never protest, accept or grant anything comes before blindly without giving it a speculation. Though painful, harmful, meaningless still they show their obedience to their customary beliefs. They do it with a simple good faith that ‘its demand of god, or a condition to be with god’. They loose their voice; they act like they are in a trance.
People who are literate they can read papers and books but how many among them can understand the content and the message in it and subsequently use it in practical life. Very few. Therefore, they cannot use the knowledge in their practical life.
I have seen those socially conscious can find a way when they are in trouble. Society, always are changing, in all religious, socio-economic and political sphere of life. We do not follow the rules and custom that were in use 5000 years ago, but we should be mindful to a law--, a new rule, that has been passed a few minutes ago , violation of which can take you in jail. The constitution of a Country (civilized country) is supreme power to it’s nation, so you can not do things against it's law, be it a religious, economical, political or any undefined nature. The law of the country always on guard. But we people are often motivated, those are representatives of a government are human, and their nature necessarily fallible, sometimes being influenced, sometimes they being are ignorant.

You cannot follow religious doctrines if your country's law prevents it. Religion, in no countries, is above the supreme rules of Constitution of that country. I have seen and read many religious scriptures. And I have come to this conclusion that religious scriptures were written when people were ignorant, no communication were possible between people live in geographical different parts of this globe, and was basically helpless and frustrated against the Nature, its courses and phenomenon. Besides, people are moved by their own faith, but their faith mostly seated on wrong tracts and assumption, it has no concrete base, if thing has no strong foundation/ ground then it would surely collapse/ break. We are not much aware of our faith, we do not necessarily give a conscious foundation to our faith or belief; what we hear, what we see, we less bother about it’s genuine truth. But we take it for granted; this is what our basis of faith. In thousand years ago, what was written for the immediate society and nation, by monarchs or religious teachers cannot be suitable for today’s generation. So, simply discard it. And god never associates with wrong and unjust thing, so, no fear. Our concept of God is always with right things! He is just.

Our lives today are dictated by electronic gadgets, computer and different types of media, we are living in a age where science, reasoning/ logic and information has occupied most of the space. We can see things more transparent than we used to see thousands years ago. If you take religious law books or the parts where a law is mentioned, or you want to follow certain custom mentioned in the books you should not follow, because the law of your country’s constitution has forbidden long ago. If you do so you may necessarily challenge your country’s supreme law. Therefore you will be put behind the bar or wall of the jail. If your country ignore you, forgive you the neighbouring country will not forgive or ignore you. So, just avoid what is harmful to present society.

And we can assume and be sure that what is allowed by the civilized society we must follow. We must not incline to prejudices /superstitions /unchecked / and preconceptions that are harmful to society.
We become orthodox/ headstrong/ irrational / because we are in fear of loss. We are weak and frustrated, we do not know proper way to satisfy our need and demand, we nurture our wrong founded faith that cannot help. I have noticed most businessman /traders are more inclined to god and religion and traditional customs who want more success in their business/ or when they face a challenge /tension with their business. They have less time to analysis or speculate their demand / failure / or tension concerning their business. All they want or believe is a middleman or a priest or religious body who can bribe god and bring their desired result. In their real life they never are least religious and pious. On the contrary, you will find them they are least bothered with scriptures and law. They understand only money and their saviour is also money.

If you have eyes to observe the religious leaders and their allies like priests, and the serviceman of temple /church/ mosque, you would find most of them are selfish, morally corrupted, opportunists, and trespassers of religious law and country’s law. Most of them are a failure in struggling life they have taken their path to religion as a means of survival. They create their own law in the name of god and religion to satisfy their desire. In plain, they are sinners according to their respective scriptures. Yes, there are good people and mission also there who serve nation generously /philanthropically in more practical way, in war ravaged, riot torn places, in flood and drought areas, and in natural calamities and catastrophes, we owe them a lot. They never show you their religious identity. They serve you just you are a human being and in distress.

One thing, if your thoughts and knowledge are transparent and clear, you will be able to know you and aware of you. And on top of that if you are aware of your rights and ability you can cross all hurdle races in life demands. You will not belittle another human being, you will show compassion to another human being in distress. You will know or judge what is right and wrong. You will free yourself from the bondage you are in.

So, in our education system our focal point should be on how we can free ourselves from old concepts /prejudices/ superstitions that are harmful. And understanding of society in relation of science and rational thoughts.

If I can not love and respect you simply it means there is some problem in me not approving you. We should check them with ‘why’. We may not show love and respect to everyone due to many social reasons and status but I can keep myself out from all sorts of evil design and intentions.

Those people are free from superstition/ old traditional belief and are rational should take care of others who might follow traditional customs blindly. It is a way of broadening ones’ freer state and space also for his interest.

I have seen knowledge and information can make people free from his/her old state of life. It gives joy of freedom and a delight of mind. The way we wash our clothes and iron it is the same way you have to treat your belief and trust. Always check with new ideas, knowledge and information. And sharing your view, knowledge and information with someone also are cheering. Don’t be discouraged when your ideas are discarded by new progressive thoughts because you have been introduced with the facts you did not know before. You have learnt new knowledge and added it to your experience. You can check your new knowledge with different communities, lets see how they react!
Many religious and traditional thought and cult are very harmful and dangerous to a progressive society in a developing country. As example, genital mutilation /circumcision, inflicting cut / wounds on children, influencing people with wrong human degradation, .. there are a lot. Killing and inflicting harm in the name of god and religion is abominable crime. Civil society of a country should check them with strong law and punishment.
It is a right time for every religious people to check their stand whether they would follow old harmful practices and challenge civilized laws of the nation.

In Internet, websites, you will find many resource centers where you can find many shocking news, of human degradation, at the same time you will learn also what is right and wrong.
A few days ago, while browsing, I came to halt and with great shock …. You may check them it here and now:

Two words 'awrat’, or ‘zaifeh’ ? two different thoughts, two different ways of utility two different societies.

Religion is old concept.

It pulls back people in middle age. Most religious books should be forsaken for the benefit of all kinds of development in human society. One thing rational readers should understand that concept of god or almighty / omnipresent/ omniscience/ never lie in religious scriptures. The religious scriptures led people to ignorance, chaos, misery, anti government … to a lot of things a civil society can not allow. They had served human race when most people were ignorant. There time has run out. You people who think civilized and want more comfort with reasoning , logic and science, should read your scripture for the part law and order, the part it tells about stories/ history ok leave it as it is, but the part it says as an instruction to follow or any rules, or any law check it and compare it with your civilized country’s law. You will find most of these instructions rules and laws are very harmfull to todays society. Your god is not blamable for this. Your concept for god is highest. He loves every creature, He forgives all. He is just. He punishes who does wrong! So, you can not imagine He is so mean to associate with these harmful thought contained law books.


Ola said...

why u are taking about hijab when u don't know about it. for me, i experienced both without hijab and wearing hijab and i found why all women are asked to wear hijab. i am not going to argue with u but i wanted to tell u that u thought the same way u are telling ppl not to do, as u judged the hijab and thought about it like all ppl around u do without giving ur self the chance to know more about it, u just took the thoughts of other ppl as urs

Ola, France

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Af Idah Idah said...

A fool trying to talk smart.

You know my level of triggered is 100 when I commenting.