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The shameful beastly acts by cowards and weaklings of religious fanatics

The shameful, beastly acts by cowards and weaklings of religious fanatics are puting a country's name in disgrace in Middle East and south Asia

Church burned in Bangalore. .. Christians of Orissa comforted by pope's prayers by Nirmala Carvalho.

A church has been burned, the church of St. Anthony in Yedavanahalli, near Bangalore (Madya Pradesh). In recent weeks, other churches have been targeted in the state, following the campaign of violence launched by radical Hindus at the end of August, starting from the district of Kandhamal in Orissa.
Divided UPA can't decide on Bajrang Dal ban
NDTV Correspondent
Wednesday, October 08, 2008, (New Delhi)
Sources have informed NDTV that no decision as yet been taken by the Union Government to ban Bajrang Dal. They say that Home Minister Shivraj Patil on Wednesday presented a report to the Cabinet on the role of Bajrang Dal, while a discussion on the recent violence in Orissa was underway.Differences within UPA on imposing article 356 in Orissa emerged even as feasibility and practicality of imposing a ban on Bajrang Dal was questioned.Any group or organization has a memorandum, constitution or charter, their official print activities. The government should check in them. I think Government is blind in this fact. Be it political or religious,
The people are involved in murder and damage of public property, are not fit to remain at large, they should be booked to justice. India has a precedents of imprisoning political leaders who involved in criminal activities. So what is the problem in banning the group and arresting its leaders.

Be it Hindu or Muslim The law Is equal and above all. We want to see we are safe and secured. India has a constitutional freedom of religion. ( The constitution Of India: PART III, FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS – 24. Right to Freedom of Religion ).

Indian politicians, mostly, for decades (from the time pre-independence till today) are tainted and selfish, they are entangled with criminal nexus, and selfishness, they less think about the common people and states welfare. Their only concentration is toward their seats in parliament and government offices. They speak a lot lies, and misguide people. This trend is not healthier to any country. The countries that can not provide food, water, shelter, education and job or basic amenities to it’s citizens are similar in characters, they have illiteracy, religious and racial confliction and civil war. and because of their political and religious leaders. In India , in remote areas, and villages people are ignorant and illiterate, they do not understand what is civilization and its benefit. How dangerous a religious book could be if it is followed by its each sentences. Our main problem is our least comfort that is our own living. How we shall secure our productivity of our works and live well, how we ward off our poverty. Religion has nothing to do with our present living. We have left it a thousand years back. It is history. Each and every scripture of different religion are irrational, provoke killings and destruction among nation. The proper knowledge and administration only can eradicate this maladies of religious fanaticism from our society. The Government should take stern action against culprit leaders who want to destabilize this peaceful harmony and integration in India.

The list of victims in the attack continues to rise: 61 dead, 18,000 wounded; 181 churches razed or destroyed; 4,500 homes belonging to Christians burned; more than 50,000 displaced, of whom more than 30,000 have disappeared into the forests. Four convents and five hostels and youth residences have fared no better. Six Catholic volunteer and social institutes have been devastated. Last but not least hundreds of cars have been set on fire and countless personal belongings have been lost.
The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), a Hindu fundamentalist organisation, attacked and destroyed 13 churches and chapels, killed three people and wounded scores of Christians in Kadhamal district, leaving many people homeless. One of those who drove Hindu mobs against Christians was Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati, a VHP leader. The latest wave of persecution came right after the Swami met his maker at the hands of a Maoist terrorist group on the evening of 23 August.
For Tribals, who are often worked like slaves in farming, and Dalits or untouchables, Christianity is way out of their situation; a way to have their rights protected; a way to finally have some dignity as human beings. To some extent the degree of persecution is a measure of the Christian mission’s success.

Speaking with Raphael Cheenath, bishop of Bhubaneshwar (Orissa), clarified that this "is a moment of great encouragement for the Christians in India, and especially for the Christians in Kandhamal
09/04/2008 17:16 INDIA – ITALYShame on India, Europe and the world - by Bernardo CervelleraIt is shameful that India’s Christians, an important element for the country’s social and economic development, are being massacred whilst the world’s governments and humanitarian associations remain silent in what is another example of “Christianophobia.” Italian bishops call on the faithful to take part tomorrow in a day of prayer and fasting in remembrance of the Blessed Teresa of Kolkata.Rome– Mahatma Gandhi’s India, a land of tolerance and democracy, has been shamed. “It is a disgrace for our country,” said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, a view seconded by Card Oswald Gracias, archbishop of Mumbai. Both agree that what is happening to Christians in the state of Orissa since 23 August is a pogrom.
Even now thousands of Christians are still in flight, running from slaughter, living in forests, terrorised, without food or clothing.

10/13/2008 PAKISTAN, Chak Jhumra– A Christian man, Gulsher Masih, and his daughter Sandal have been charged with blasphemy under Article 295 B of the Pakistan Penal Code for allegedly tearing some pages from the Qur’an last Thursday in the village of Tehsil Chak Jhumra, in Faisalabad district. Without police intervention they could have been lynched by an angry mob. Some Muslims who walked by the Gulsher home said they saw Sandal Gulsher and her father Masih tear some pages from the Qur’an and throw them into the street. The story eventually made to the village mosques so that by Thursday evening an enraged mob, including people from neighbouring villages, marched through the village calling for the death of the blasphemers.
Police took the entire Gulsher family into custody for their “own protection,” he added. “Vans full of Muslims were driving to the village but were stopped by police.”
A local Christian resident, Ayub Khawar, told AsiaNews that at one point the mob seemed poised to attack other Christian homes. Frightened beyond belief he ran home where he turned off the lights; in total darkness he told his family to keep absolute quiet.
Shahbaz Bhatti, a Christian lawmaker and chairman of the All Pakistan Minorities Alliance (APMA), told “the charge is a total fabrication, “there is no direct evidence and the police has not investigated the case.”
Blasphemy charges are made against Christians just to strike at them. Only a few days ego the Gulshers had a public row with some Muslims.

Christian human rights lawyers in Pakistan saw a partial legal victory in a judge’s ruling last week that one of two kidnapped girls be returned to her Christian parents. The judge further ruled that her sister be free to choose whether to go with the Muslim man who allegedly forced her to convert and marry him.
Justice Malik Saeed Ejaz ruled on Tuesday (Sept. 9) that 10-year-old Aneela Masih be returned to her parents – an unprecedented legal victory for Christian parents of a girl who supposedly converted to Islam, according to one lawyer – while leaving her sister, 13-year-old Saba Masih, free to choose whether to go with Amjad Ali, a Muslim man who married her after the June 26 kidnapping.
Saba Masih, whose birth certificate indicates that she is now 13 but who testified that she is 17, said she did not want to return to her parents and tried to keep her little sister from returning to them. Their Muslim captors have repeatedly threatened the two girls that their parents would harm them if they returned.
The older sister is not willing to meet with any of the family members or her parents, said Rashid Rehman of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.
“It’s normal behavior,” he told Compass. “She was tutored and brainwashed by the family of her husband Ali, and naturally they made up her mind that her parents will hurt her and treat her inhumanely. In fact that will never happen. Her family is really peaceful, and remained so peaceful the whole time the case was heard in high court.”
After more than three hours of heated legal arguments in the Multan branch of Lahore’s High Court, the judge deemed the oldest child sui juris – capable to handle her own affairs – based on her testimony that she is 17 years old and on a Lahore medical board’s ruling that she is between 15 and 17. The medical board may have been pressured to declare Saba Masih as an adult, according to the parents’ lawyers.
Conditions set in the ruling called for the parents not to “interfere” with Aneela Masih’s religious beliefs, that they be allowed to visit Saba Masih and that the groom’s family pay them 100,000 rupees (US$1,316) according to Pakistani marriage tradition.
Raised in a Christian family in the small town of Chowk Munda, the two girls were kidnapped on June 26 while traveling to visit their uncle in Sarwar Shaheed, northwest of Multan. Saba Masih was married to Ali the next day, and the kidnappers filed for custody of the girls on June 28 based on their alleged forced conversion to Islam.
Islamic jurisprudence and Pakistani law do not recognize the forced marriages of minors.
Source :Compass Direct News

Adeel Masih, 19, was found dead on May 4 in Hafizabad, Pakistan. His family and human rights lawyers believe the relatives of a 19-year-old Muslim woman, Kiran Irfan, with whom Masih had a one-year relationship, tortured and killed him. His family has dubbed his death an “honor killing.”
Marriage between Christian men and Muslim women is forbidden according to a strict interpretation of sharia (Islamic Law), and even social contacts such as these can incite violent reactions in Pakistan, a majority-Muslim nation of 170 million.
DHAKA, Bangladesh, October 1 (Compass Direct News) – Police have submitted a charge sheet to a district court accusing two persons of raping a pastor’s daughter in the village of Laksmipur, said a state prosecutor.
Sayed Tariqul Islam told Compass that police submitted the charge sheet on Sept. 7 based on an extensive investigation following a DNA test that turned out positive. Pastor Motilal Das, who has long received threats from villagers upset with his success as an evangelist, said that local residents gang-raped his 13-year-old daughter in an attempt to drive him from the area.
State prosecutor Islam said Shakil Ahmed Shebul and Dulal Miah are charged with raping Elina Das at 3 a.m. on May 2. If convicted, they will receive life terms in prison, he said.

The Fanatics are creating some unrest and chaos among Nations. This should be curbed and stopped. otherwise it will provoke others to massacre and destructions.

It is very dangerous thought to other religious people that Islam Want to rule the whole world. and this attempt is on.....

08/31/2007 17:06ISLAM - EGYPTHegazi Case: Is there a plan for the world’s conversion to Islam?by Samir Khalil Samir, sjSome theories about an alleged Muslim plan to convert the world are a myth. But it is fair to say that some Muslims are engaged in constant propaganda and that at a social and cultural level Islam is colonising the West. Saudi Arabia provides the money; the process of de-Christianisation offers the religious motive; ignorance and a sense of embarrassment in many Western governments do the rest.
There is talk about a paper (which I haven’t seen) ostensibly published at a conference held in India in 1996 that purports to endorse a strategy for the conversion of Europe by 2050 and of the world by 2100 to Islam.
for the past 60 or so years the Muslim Brotherhood, increasingly backed by Saudi Arabia and many other Muslim countries like Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc., has tried to turn Muslim countries into Islamic states governed by Sharia law.
And they plan to Islamise Christians living in Muslim countries. This is happening wherever there are radical Muslims, in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iraq . . . . We saw this happen in Iraq in the past year, where some neighbourhoods in Baghdad have become micro-caliphates in which Christians are told to convert to Islam or pay the Jizya (protection money), and accept second-class status.
The next step is propaganda through Tabligh, a method that evolved in Pakistan and has spread to Europe. It is a mystical, Sufi-like missionary movement that has converted tens of thousands of Europeans. Another movement that aims at converting Europe is that of radical Islam, which is highly critical of European culture as a whole.
However, the most dangerous trend because it is subtler is that incarnated by Tariq Ramadan, a scholar who has become a leading figure in Europe and is consulted as an expert by Western governments.
Ramadan says that Muslims in Europe want to become European Muslims but for this to happen European society must recognise Muslims and give them the necessary space to express ourselves.
In practical terms this means converting Europe’s social and legal systems in order to facilitate converting people. It means Islamising institutions on the premise that since Europe no longer has a soul but only technology, Islam is the only religion that can fill the void.
Throughout Islam’s history conversions were the consequences of systems’ changes. In Egypt for instance a Christian who wanted to play a role in politics sooner or later had to convert with his family automatically following. Today anyone who wants to be a government minister, a head physician or an army general needs the advantages that come with being Muslim. As a result of this over the centuries the best and brightest and their offspring could only leave.

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source: AsiaNews,Compass Direct News and others

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