Friday, January 9, 2009



by Albert Ashok

Rape is violation of human mind and body. No doubt it’s a crime and who rapes is a criminal, the rapist should be tried in court WITH DUE PUNISHMENT.

The recent Noida rape case and Union Minister for Women and Child Development Renuka Chowdhury’s comment need public attention. My view is from an angle of human being – no female and male gender biased perspective. I want to criticize women and child development minister Renuka Choudhary’s comment on Wednesday that she justifies rape as 'a life sentence for women'.

Actually she discourages women by saying so. The feminists and women organizations are trying hard for long to help women stand on their own legs, breaking all old taboos about life and sex. A rape is a life sentence in a woman or girl’s life? Is it a message to cripple woman’s life? Does rape mean slaying woman?

Our Indian woman are lagging behind in education, culture and general knowledge. Most woman treat their husband as god and without serving them their meal womenfolk do not touch water, in rural areas woman have many superstitions , prejudices and obsessions about sex and way of life. Once they become widow in their early age they accept tragedy of life but don’t step forward to remarry and live happily. In this situation Ms. Renuka’s remark will cripple the psychology and spirit of living normal. They will not be encouraged to overcome the incident as an accident and revitalize life as before.

Punishment of a crime should be decided by a panel consist of experts and seasoned people with different aspects and views so that a right punishment, fool proof, can be shaped. Its not whimsical and result of one’s sudden emotion. Its my explanation that if rape punishment is death then it would really be a deterrent for a rapist but it would make more risky to woman’s life. The rapist would kill the woman to wipe the proof. The punishment should be a measure to protect woman first and never punishment of the criminal. The criminal will be punished according the nature of rape. It should be foolproof, so that the law is not abused by any party. In our country woman has tendencies to seduce a richer man and finally marry. And when refused they say it is rape. Many instances are there and news medias record. A gang rape is really can be called rape and heinous crime. But after years of living together with mutual consent it could not be read rape. Another nature of rape is seen in our society—a man who has lot contributions to the society, driven by sudden impulse, under any circumstance may commit rape. If he is given life sentence as a punishment it would be inhuman.

Rape is offence. Sometimes it leaves the victim a trauma for her life long term, sometime its not so severe. Human being meet a lot of unfavourable situation since birth. Human being are also accustomed to dodge past and avoid accidents and unfavourable phase of life. A woman is raped it does not mean she is killed. It means she got hit physically or mentally or both. She needs braving the accident and take life as before, rehabilitation. She should never be discouraged that her life has drawn an end. Sex is a little part of procreation and the rest part is excretion, like we leave excreta everyday and everybody. When someone get amputation of limbs for an accident we encourage to overcome and get life normal. I hope the right authorities will come forward and take action to deal the case in right way

Read :

Indian Law: 498A. Husband or relative of husband of a woman subjecting her to cruelty.--Whoever, being the husband or the relative of the husband of a woman, subjects such woman to cruelty shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years and shall also be liable to fine.
1. Chapter XXA inserted by Act 46 of 1983, s. 2. 212
Explanation.-For the purposes of this section, "cruelty" means- (a) any wilful conduct which is of such a nature as is likely to drive the woman to commit suicide or to cause grave injury or danger to life, limb or health (whether mental or physical) of the woman; or (b) harassment of the woman where such harassment is with a view to coercing her or any person related to her to meet any unlawful demand for any property or valuable security or is on account of failure by her or any person related to her to meet such demand.]

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